We’ll Open today at 3:00 pm
Fork & Barrel

Important Announcement: We Moved!

As of April 8th we have moved down the road to share space with our sister restaurant, Morning Fork!

1722 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY 40206
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Sazerac Bourbons

1 oz Thomas H. Handy & 1 oz George T. Stagg


1 ounce tasting of O.K.I. Reserve Batch 01 and Old Carter Strait Rye Whiskey Batch 7

Barrell Craft Sprits

1 ounce tasting of Grey Label 15 Year Batch 2 and Seagrass

Weller Collection

½ ounce Tastings of: Antique, Full Proof, Special Reserve, 12 Year, C.Y.P.B., Single Barrel, William Larue Weller

Maker’s Mark

1 ounce tasting of Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series Limited Release: 2021 FAE-02 and 2022 BRT-01